FAXES Weblutions

FAXES Weblutions

Weblutions is creating top-grade software products for all. From web stores to other utility websites Weblutions is vigorously creating for you.

We strive to make products that make a difference for you and your business. With products like our automated storefront to many utility products we aim to always deliver and cater everyone's needs. We have worked with local Australian businesses along with international businesses and markets.

All you need to operate, and grow your business
*FaxStore is a lightweight, feature-rich online store template with high flexibility. As an extensive automated storefront, FaxStore is there for you to help you manage your business to the greatest level using the power of automated technology. FaxStore is perfect for small businesses to sell any form of digital or physical goods.

Shawn's Discount
On our store you can use the epic code SHAWNE for a small discount at checkout. Savings are great right! Thanks for supporting Shawn E, and Weblutions

Website → https://weblutions.com/
Discord → https://discord.gg/faxes
GitHub → https://github.com/FAXES
Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/faxesyt

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